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Throughout the academic year, students are constantly exposed to lectures, facts and figures, but are they really learning how to study all of this information? During Linda Gross' 25 years of experience in education, she has developed strategies that teachers and parents can utilize to help kids learn to incorporate study techniques that are not typically taught in school.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Ms. Gross shares the following techniques students can immediately use to obtain excellent results.

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Applied Kinesiology: What Can It Do For You?

Listen to Linda talk about how she can help those with learning difficulties or anyone who just wants better focus and clarity to easily take in, understand, and retain information - erasing the day to day frustrations of learning and living. Linda can help most people in an average of twelve hours and many fly in for her services.

Color Me This to Remember That: Bring in the Color to Bring Up the Grades

Recently, certified reading specialist Linda Gross, Ed.M., explained to the media how color plays a pivotal role in aiding students with retention, memory and enhancement of their learning experience (click here to enlarge the article below).

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Originally printed in: Color Me This to Remember That: Bring in the Color to Bring Up the Grades was picked up by over 4,300 news sources and featured on more than 160 news outlets, including NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news affiliates across the country.

Kinesiology Delivers Options for Learning

When Linda Gross meets with clients plagued by learning and organizational difficulties, she provides more than 20 years' experience in kinesiology, or muscle testing, and 25-plus years as an education specialist (click to enlarge the article below).

Linda Gross - Kinesiology Delivers Options for Learning article
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