Integrative Education

Linda Gross, Ed.M. combines her extensive academic background with holistic kinesiologic programs in order to provide an "integrative education" experience.

Scientific evidence as advanced by Sally Shaywitz, M.D. has demonstrated that dyslexics start their reading process on the gestalt side of their brain.

Linda employs a Western evidence-based understanding of how the brain functions. She also goes a step further, utilizing Eastern energy-balancing methods to balance the brain. This results in a stronger performance from the student for a more internalized and automatic response; this, in many cases, will eliminate the need for "fluency drills."


Teaching a dyslexic to read

In teaching a dyslexic student to read, Linda knows that dyslexics start their reading process on the gestalt side of their brain. Thus, throughout the lesson, Linda is constantly utilizing techniques (many from applied kinesiology programs) that will "turn on" the gestalt side of the brain.

"Turning on" the gestalt side of the brain

During a reading session the student may engage in exercises that will foster left and right brain integration in order to facilitate learning and to remove stress. Clients are taught how to honor their learning styles in order to guarantee their success. Too often in schools students are asked to practice a technique that is antithetic to their natural way of learning; this clearly impedes their success. Thus, an "integrative education" approach fosters the understanding of how each person learns and the remediation is tailored to fit each person.


Together with her therapy cat, Simba, Linda works miracles creating fun and safe environment for learning.

Linda offers a kinesiology program (Crossinology®) for both children and adults.

Linda also offers professional consultation and instruction on integrative education for private, public, and home school educators who are involved in working with dyslexics.

Linda has extensive experience in working with adults with undiagnosed dyslexia. She offers a unique remediation program for adults as well as children.

If you are looking for a professional help but with a gentle touch and proven method, look no further.

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