How Can Linda Help You?

Child or adult, having troubles with learning, attention and concentration, poor memory, learning brings up stress and anxiety, you look for help in education and brain integration? Look no further.

Linda’s Academic Background

Linda has a Master’s Degree in Reading Psychology and is a state-certified reading specialist with over 25 years experience in education. Having completed extensive post-graduate work in Reading Psychology at Temple University, she continues to take courses to enhance her ability to serve people.

Linda's Certification

She specializes in multisensory instruction and is a proponent of Orton-Gillingham principles. Certified as an instructor in the Wilson Reading System, which is based on these principles, Linda frequently utilizes this program as a core curriculum for her students. She is also certified in Fast forWord™, a language-based, computer-assisted program and trained in Lindamood-Bell programs. In addition to having a private practice, she is an adjunct instructor at Community College of Philadelphia where she teaches reading, writing, and study skills.

Linda is also certified in the following kinesiology programs:

  • One Brain®,
  • the Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP),
  • and Crossinology’s® Brain Integration Technique (BIT).

These techniques remove stress and learning blocks, increase attention and concentration, and maximize brain function.

Linda Gross, Ed.M. combines her extensive academic background with holistic kinesiologic programs in order to provide an “integrative education” experience.

Linda Gross profile

LRG Method®

She has developed the LRG Method® which combines Western academic programs and Eastern energy-balancing techniques to balance the brain and provide maximum reading success.

In addition to her private practice, Linda Gross Ed.M. consults with both public and private schools, teachers, and homeschool parents.

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