Diagnose and Treat Dyslexia with This Unique Method

Talk with a state certified reading professional - Linda Gross, Ed.M.

How Can Linda Help?

If you or your children struggle with poor memory, poor reading, attention and concentration problems, test anxiety or stress, Linda Gross, Ed.M. can help.

Linda Gross, Ed.M. specializes in working with learning issues, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and emotional issues affecting learning. She is the only person in the tri-state area offering her unique approach: Integrative Education.

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Simba's Homework Helpers

Simba, the Therapy Cat, has watched many students who have studied with Ms. Linda become very successful both in and out of school. Here are some of these techniques.

Study Tips

Organize yourself to gain the most out of your study period. Prepare the bare necessities that will make the "study" time fun and efficient.

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Focus Exercises

Simple, fast and extremely effective exercises, designed to gain focus and reduce stress before sitting down to "study".

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Linda's Clients Testimonials

My son, Brandon, began working with Linda when he was struggling with reading in elementary school. His kindergarten teacher noticed that although he was very bright, he was really struggling with reading and his pre-reading skills. It was then identified that he had dyslexia.

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Sara has ADD and we began working with Linda after she finished second grade. Sara was doing well with her reading but she was really struggling with writing. I wasn’t finding the right person to help Sara, so I went online and googled “writing tutor Newtown PA” and found Linda.

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Daniel had been getting help from tutors (with graduate degrees) both in and out of school since he was in kindergarten, but something just wasn't clicking. The school was about to pull his IEP, and I was desperate because I knew something was seriously wrong. 

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