Tiffany has worked with Linda since the middle of 6th grade after we discovered she could not sound out words. Tiffany was always so smart at school that she was able to fool her teachers into thinking she knew what she was doing. She actually memorized every word she was able to read. After working for just a few months with Linda, Tiffany’s improvement was amazing. Linda helped her immensely with a tactile approach to reading.

Linda suggested kinesiology for Tiffany because, knowing Tiffany, Linda thought she would respond positively to kinesiology. Tiffany was open and excited about trying it. I don’t usually blindly trust what people tell me and so I researched kinesiology as much as I could. I found no studies that told me it would help or hurt Tiffany. My feeling was that Linda had helped Tiffany so much, that I would trust her knowledge and experience to help Tiffany as much as possible. Knowing that kinesiology is not main-stream, I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try.

Tiffany began kinesiology with Linda at the end of 7th grade and completed it the beginning of 8th grade. Much of the comments below can be attributed to the maturity process, but the speed with which she matured has been a matter of a couple of months. I really can say that we noticed these differences over a very short period of time, too short to discount how kinesiology helped Tiffany in the variety of ways described above. She has changed significantly over the summer going from 7th to 8th grade.

We have noted the following differences since beginning kinesiology with Linda:

More focused — Tiffany can sit down and complete tedious steps in algebra and is getting complicated problems correct. She would never have been able to write out every step before. She can sit down and complete a couple of hours of homework without complaining and stopping for multiple breaks. Before she would set a time for herself every 5 or 10 minutes to stop and take a break.

Can pay attention for longer periods of time — Tiffany started field hockey this year and sometimes doesn’t get home until 5:30. She is now able to sit down and do her homework without a problem. She can focus for a couple of hours after a full day. She used to have meltdowns when there was too much work at one time and/or not enough rest periods. She would not have been able to play a sport before due to the time commitment.

Less moody and fidgety — Tiffany is actually happy and enjoys school now. She used to be argumentative, moody and often miserable. She has made a complete 180° turn and she is now a pleasure to be with. She says she does not play with things as much while she sits in classes. She still fidgets a little.

More energy — Tiffany used to come home from school and have to decompress for hours. She now is able to go straight from school to sports and then home late and then even complete her homework at night. The amount of homework in 8th grade is much larger than ever before. She would have had a major meltdown but now approaches it with a positive attitude and completes it on her own without complaint.

Takes her time — She tries to take her time doing her work. She knows she has a tendency to work too fast and finish too quickly. She is much better with this. She still doesn’t like to proofread but we’re working on that. She took a reading essay test, her worst nightmare before, and recently got an A!

Less impulsive — Tiffany has always been quick to react to everything. This is definitely better; she is learning better self-control.

More comfortable — Tiffany seems to be more comfortable with her abilities and things are coming more easily to her. She doesn’t struggle and take as much time to complete tasks. She does however note that she still needs more time to process things. Tiffany has all A’s at school despite this obstacle.

Less anxious — Tiffany used to be extremely anxious at school and has relaxed considerably. She would never go on school trips before and she would melt down when she had to take the standardized tests. She is now going on the bus with her field hockey team to different schools. We’ll have to keep you posted on the standardized tests because they are not for months yet, but she seems to take regular testing more in stride. She would never go to the movies without her mother before and recently asked to go by herself with a friend. She is more comfortable and independent.

Tiffany now reads at or above grade level with ease, comfort and confidence.