We came to Linda when my daughter, Kirsten, was about to enter 4th grade. I came to Linda because I had a feeling that something was not working right with Kirsten from a reading perspective. Beginning in kindergarten through first grade, we worked with a regular reading tutor who was recommended by the school district ... MORE



Tiffany has worked with Linda since the middle of 6th grade after we discovered she could not sound out words. Tiffany was always so smart at school that she was able to fool her teachers into thinking she knew what she was doing. She actually memorized every word she was able to read. After working for just a few months with Linda, Tiffany’s improvement was amazing. Linda helped her immensely with a tactile approach to reading ... MORE


I initially contacted Linda to have her complete a reading assessment for my 12 year-old daughter, Sierra. Sierra had just completed a neuropsychological examination and one of the bigger issues that the assessment had flagged was Sierra’s lack of organization and difficulties with executive function. Multitasking never came easy for Sierra, nor did common sense expectations, such as putting something away after use or hanging up a coat. There was no general processing of this type of information. Linda asked to see the report.....MORE


Daniel had been getting help from tutors (with graduate degrees) both in and out of school since he was in kindergarten, but something just wasn't clicking. The school was about to pull his IEP, and I was desperate because I knew something was seriously wrong. Linda completed a quick screening and pinpointed that the problem was dyslexia. The good news, Linda told me, was that she absolutely could improve Daniel’s reading. She added that Daniel’s spelling was never going to be 100%, but that it would improve (which it did). We began tutoring sessions two times per week. Daniel improved so rapidly that Linda actually finished up with him a month early.....MORE


I have always struggled with reading. I was a dyslexic who never mastered phonics, yet I successfully compensated for my decoding and encoding weaknesses in school through memorization. During my junior year in college, I had to take a course in anatomy (with a lot of new multisyllabic words) and I knew these words were going to be very difficult for me to decode and memorize. I decided to do something about it and find a reading specialist.....MORE


My son, Brandon, began working with Linda when he was struggling with reading in elementary school. His kindergarten teacher noticed that although he was very bright, he was really struggling with reading and his pre-reading skills. It was then identified that he had dyslexia. We worked with a variety of programs and tutors in order to help him succeed in school. These interventions worked to some degree. Then, through a recommendation, we found Linda. .....MORE


Sara has ADD and we began working with Linda after she finished second grade. Sara was doing well with her reading, but she was really struggling with writing. I wasn’t finding the right person to help Sara, so I went online and Googled “writing tutor Newtown PA” and found Linda. Her site talked about ADD, learning disabilities and dyslexia. The site basically was talking about my daughter. .....MORE