I initially contacted Linda to have her complete a reading assessment for my 12 year-old daughter, Sierra. Sierra had just completed a neuropsychological examination and one of the bigger issues that the assessment had flagged was Sierra’s lack of organization and difficulties with executive function. Multitasking never came easy for Sierra, nor did common sense expectations, such as putting something away after use or hanging up a coat. There was no general processing of this type of information. Linda asked to see the report.

Linda thought the kinesiology would help and asked if she could evaluate Sierra for kinesiology. It was my understanding that this technique could “put some pieces back in place for Sierra that may be out of sync.” Linda explained that kinesiology works by helping to eliminate stress in the learning process, which then facilitates the learning process.

Linda worked with Sierra over the course of about 8 sessions. At first, I didn’t see a great deal of improvement. Shortly after the sessions ended, it was as if an epiphany came over Sierra. All of a sudden she was doing things on her own that she never did before (without my telling her). To some it may have seemed to be a gradual change. But to me, as her mom, the change was very obvious. The “pieces” did seem to be coming together.

When we went back to Linda a few months later for a follow up session, I told Linda about the changes in Sierra. Sierra is more organized and even writes her own reminders and to-do lists. These were the types of things that had been suggested to help Sierra for many years. Now, she’s doing them all on her own.

Sierra struggled last year in school and this year I moved her to a smaller school with a self-paced curriculum. Sierra is now a mostly “A” student when she used to be a “low B” and “C” student. This is pretty amazing. To say that this was time and money well spent would be a drastic understatement. As a result of Linda’s help, Sierra is a new person.