Sara has ADD and we began working with Linda after she finished second grade. Sara was doing well with her reading, but she was really struggling with writing. I wasn’t finding the right person to help Sara, so I went online and Googled “writing tutor Newtown PA” and found Linda. Her site talked about ADD, learning disabilities and dyslexia. The site basically was talking about my daughter.

After evaluating Sara, Linda said that some of Sara’s basic decoding and encoding skills were not as strong as they should be and she was going to work on reinforcing these skills. It became clear that the difference in working with Linda is her ability to draw from many different teaching methods which she customizes for each student. Linda primarily used multisensory techniques and the Orton-Gillingham principles of language. Linda also taught Sara to orient herself to the paper properly so that she could form letters more easily. Sara began to learn quickly and I could see her gaining confidence.

In the meantime, Linda had told me about the kinesiology muscle testing work she was doing which worked on improving learning difficulties. Since I was very interested in alternative treatment techniques, I decided to give this a try. When Sara started 3rd grade, we started the kinesiology work and I immediately saw a difference. Her visual memory improved and she dropped to the lowest dose of Concerta. Sara has an IEP for math but after working with Linda, Sara was superseding the class with her multiplication facts. Her confidence improved and everything was going more smoothly. Writing is still somewhat of an issue, but it is not affecting her emotionally or negatively impacting her self-esteem, as it did last year. This year is a complete 180 degree turn from last year. Sara is very confident and she is back in the regular classroom for math.

What Linda has done for Sara is life changing and I am eternally grateful.