Benefits of Kinesiology

  • Increases attention and concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Improves reading fluency, comprehension, information retention, spelling, and math
  • Increases sense of logic, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Alleviates test anxiety
  • Unblocks repressed emotion
  • Minimizes frustration associated with everyday learning and living
  • Improves sensory integration
  • Improves motor coordination

Kinesiology, coming from the Greek word kinesis (movement), is the science of human muscle movement. Applied Kinesiology (AK), a form of diagnosis using muscle monitoring (testing), was founded by American chiropractor, George Goodheart, in 1964. Dr. Goodheart combined the ancient Oriental meridian system with the modern Western muscle monitoring system. This paradigm has been the basis for numerous kinesiology programs utilizing this biofeedback mechanism in the health and educational fields.

Linda Gross, Ed.M., state certified reading specialist with expertise in dyslexia, has studied several kinesiology programs designed to integrate left and right brain hemispheres and to remove stressors in the learning pathways to the brain. Having completed Three In One Concept's One Brain® program in 1996, she has implemented it successfully with many of her clients, ages 5 to 60.

In 1999 she discovered another newer, cutting edge program that combined Applied Kinesiology with Applied Physiology. This resulted in a major breakthrough in the field of kinesiology as related to dyslexia, ADD, and other learning differences. The Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP) was developed by Susan McCrossin, AP, and Charles Krebs, Ph.D.. After studying with Dr. Krebs in 1999, Linda Gross, Ed.M. then studied with Susan McCrossin, AP, who founded Crossinology's® Brain Integration Technique (BIT). Both of these programs change the functioning of the brain, thus fostering an ease for all learning. Linda Gross, Ed.M uses Susan McCrossin's widely acclaimed and successful program of BIT.

Please watch Susan McCrossin, AP, the originator of Crossinology®, as she provides a demonstration.