Daniel had been getting help from tutors (with graduate degrees) both in and out of school since he was in kindergarten, but something just wasn't clicking. The school was about to pull his IEP, and I was desperate because I knew something was seriously wrong. Linda completed a quick screening and pinpointed that the problem was dyslexia. The good news, Linda told me, was that she absolutely could improve Daniel’s reading. She added that Daniel’s spelling was never going to be 100%, but that it would improve (which it did). We began tutoring sessions two times per week. Daniel improved so rapidly that Linda actually finished up with him a month early.

The change was amazing. This boy went from being unable to read, to reading and fully comprehending the DaVinci Code less than a year later. There came a point, after the diagnosis, when the school offered to help Daniel with a Wilson certified tutor who would work with him during the school day. I thought that Daniel would have loved this idea because it would have freed up two afternoons per week. I suggested this to him and his response surprised me. He said, "What do you think? Mom, Mrs. Gross is really helping me. I can even see how I’m improving. I don't think we should take a chance on anybody else." My sentiments exactly!

What I really appreciated about Linda was her confidence that she could help Daniel to reach his full potential. I always knew he was a bright boy, and it turns out that he’s probably gifted, too! But, who would think that a child who wouldn't (actually couldn't) do his homework and acted up in class to avoid being called on was gifted? Daniel is now 16 and is ranked 3rd in his high school class because Linda came into his life. Daniel is a straight-A honor student and next year he will be in “invitation only” AP classes.

Linda changed the trajectory of Daniel’s life, and for that I am forever grateful.