My son, Brandon, began working with Linda when he was struggling with reading in elementary school. His kindergarten teacher noticed that although he was very bright, he was really struggling with reading and his pre-reading skills. It was then identified that he had dyslexia. We worked with a variety of programs and tutors in order to help him succeed in school. These interventions worked to some degree. Then, through a recommendation, we found Linda.

What happened with Linda was almost magical. Prior to working with Linda, Brandon found that it was so hard for him to read that he would avoid any and every opportunity to read. This, of course, was making a bad situation worse. Yet, somehow, Linda was able to engage Brandon in a way that no one else could. He enjoyed going to the tutoring sessions with Linda. He truly enjoyed working with her and he performed for her.

Linda eventually brought Brandon to a level where he was able to move into a mainstream classroom for high school English. During his freshman year, the school was discouraging him from moving to the mainstream classroom because he was still testing very poorly. They assumed that he needed remedial work. However, Brandon was willing to embrace the harder work in a mainstream classroom as a result of the confidence he had gained working with Linda. Whereas before Brandon had been a solid “B” student, he was now getting an “A” in English.

She gave him the reading and learning skills, but it was even more than that. She really gave him the confidence to feel that he could do the work. Linda was able to create a wonderful connection with my son.